Shelly is an energy healer who is passionate about helping others tap into the power of the Mind Body Spirit Heart in order to heal and awaken to their highest potential.

Shelly received her training in shamanic energy medicine through The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. She traveled to South America to complete a study of the healing traditions of the Q’ero, the indigenous healers of the Andes Mountains Region. While in South America, Shelly received healer initiation rites from these medicine men and women, known as the Masters of the Living Energy.

Shelly is located at the Wrights Mountain Wellness Collective, Bradford VT. She offers in-person and remote sessions (via phone).

Shelly is an energy enthusiast, merging spiritual practices with Mind Body Spirit Heart integration.

The Bliss Out

During this 60 minute session, we will use a variety of energy healing techniques to promote healing, wellness and a connection to your body and spirit in a beautiful way. If anything comes up during the session, we address it together.

The Deep Dive

During this 90 minute session, we will use shamanic practices to dive deeply into what is going on in your life, where you are feeling stuck, in order to heal at a soul level. This creates change that is sustainable, conscious and ripples through every part of your life.

Chronic Pain as Teacher and Ally

In this 60 minute session we will use guided inner work and hands-on reiki to come into right relationship with chronic pain. You will discover that your body is sending you information on how to gracefully live with, reduce and or be rid of chronic pain.